Meet Reanimadores, Puerto Rican Island Punks With a Secret Love for New Wave

Lead Photo: Puerto Rican punk band Reanimadores
Puerto Rican punk band Reanimadores
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Née: Island punk practitioners Ahmed, Nelvin, El Nieto, and Gianky
Raíces: According to their Facebook page, “Bayajuan Grande” (Baymón, San Juan, and Río Grande).
Sounds like: Garage music for fun-loving slam dancers who are into melodic music.
You should listen to Reanimadores because…they’re the kind of band that can lift your spirit and make you want to set your house on fire.

Nowadays, there’s a huge wave of bands playing guitars in the tradition of 60s classic rock ‘n’ roll, from Spanish outfits like The Parrots, Los Nastys, and Hinds, to Costa Rican bands like Las Robertas and Ave Negra, and Mexican groups like Los Blenders and O Tortuga. Each of these bands play a sort of purist kind of garage rock that makes crowds go wild, yet each has cultivated its own sound. Add Reanimadores to the list of great garage bands in Latin America who are setting ears on fire right now.

The no-nonsense quartet was formed in 2009 and soon began making noise. Composed of Ahmed (vocals/guitar), Gianky (guitar), El Nieto (bass), and Nelvin (drums), they haven’t released an album or an EP so far, but they have made a bunch of tracks available as a sample of what you can expect from their live shows. Their songs are melodic and traditional, but their choice of melodies hints at a love for 80s new wave radio pop that makes it very appealing. They call this combination “island punk” and hopefully that genre will catch around the world.

Hopefully their spot at CLIF Festival will raise their profile as they start touring outside their Puerto Rican turf. Check out rehearsal footage shot at Casa Fantasmes to get yourself excited.


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