Venezuela’s Rising Hip Hop MC El Canserbero Has Serious Rhymes

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Née: Tyrone González.
Raíces: Macaray, Venezuela.
Sounds like: Quasimoto without the helium.
You should listen to Canserbero because…he’s a rising star in Venezuela’s growing hip-hop scene.

Hip hop is one of the last things (if at all) that come to mind when most people think about Venezuela. Truth is, the genre has been part of the country’s music scene since at least the mid-’90s and has seen numerous, talented MCs and rappers spitting legendary flows come and go.

One of the rising stars in the Venezuelan hip hop scene at the moment is Tyrone González, known by his stage name El Canserbero. He started freestyling back in ’99 when he was still a pre-teen and spent the next years collaborating with numerous groups and rappers and dropping a number of mixtapes and an album in 2012. From what we’ve heard so far, he’s a serious dude and not the type to rhyme about frivolous things. It’s time we gave Venezuelan MCs the mic.