Alpha Stronggah’s Remix of “Se Llama Plata” Is a Dark and Gritty Tribute to Mente Sabia Cru

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Back in 2012, Mente Sabia Crú–one of the most relevant rap crews in Chile nowadays–paired up with Jamez Manuel (one half of Zonora Point) to bring you “Se Llama Plata,” which appears on their album Jardín del SótanoFast-forward to 2015. We now hear Alpha Stronggah’s take on the song. The producer pulls it out of its safe zone and takes it to a more dangerous place.

Alpha Stronggah has an affinity for dark atmospheres, gritty textures, and experimental production twists, and that’s exactly what he brings to the table on this remix. He retains the money-focused lyrics, but builds an unstable and unpredictable beat that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, all while creating crazy tension with a nagging one-note bass pulse. This is definitely a departure from the more traditional sound of the original track, and it’s further proof that when it comes to hip-hop, anything goes.