“MERA” Is for All the Unbothered Cool Kids Who Grew Up On Reggaeton

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artists
Photo courtesy of the artists
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A few of the boys take us for a joyride in Tainy’s first beguiling single, “MERA” – premiering exclusively at Remezcla – ahead of his upcoming solo album, The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton. An arresting and colorful beat with breaths and transitions in all the right places makes way for each artist, but particularly Álvaro Diaz, to shine and tactfully take in a good bite of the light. In an increasingly boring tapestry of work within urbano, we can always count on Tainy to rattle the boat – or top-down whip.

“No me mires así que me desespero,” Diaz begs in the chorus. Claro, we all know what look he’s talking about. That lust-fueled gaze. Or, wait… is it that rage-ridden stare? Well, that depends on the time of day and verse.

27-year-old Álvaro Diaz, 29-year-old Dalex and 30-year-old Tainy concocted a track that reminds other millennials of why we love the evolving genre to begin with, and gets listeners of all ages hyped for Spring.

Photo courtesy of the artist
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“Gracias a Dios que contigo me linkeo/Suave se pego a mi Christian Dior” Diaz sings. The rapero’s affinity for bomb bars comes through on this single with the handy assist from the Mas Flow producer. “MERA” hopefully solidifies Alvarito’s space within urbano, after tracks like “No Fallomos” with Myke Towers and “Todas Mías,” from his EP Diaz Antes: Wavy Pa Las Bbys.

It, like I suspect several other tracks on Tainy’s upcoming album, makes way for la nueva generación. Like the Mexican futboleros who skyrocketed to the top after Maradona’s co-sign and mentoring, it’s only fitting that Dalex and Diaz brought their A-game here.

The three boricuas bask in what looks like Little Haiti, Miami’s light and mask concern about the meaning behind their lovers blank stares, while perfectly unbothered to do a thing about it.

The video, reminiscent of C.Tangana and Alizzz’s “Pa’ Llamar Tu Atención,” takes even sopita-sipping New Yorkers on a sunny trip. They’re on the road to nowhere with their lovers, but this track is bound to get listeners excited.

“Iah, diablo, mera, woo.”

Watch “MERA” here exclusively: