Mercedes Nasta Filmed Her New Video for “Petit Prince” on a Ranch in Hidalgo

Mercedes Nasta, the D.F.-based artist and sometimes-collaborator of Disco Ruido, usually whispers her songs. Her signature hush tends to pair well with electronic elements, and her voice usually rides synthetic waves both apathetically and earnestly. This contrast worked really well in “Paricutín,” a glacially paced cumbia from her upcoming solo debut, Basalto. Her breathy vocals continue to work well on the new track “Petit Prince,” which clocks in at just over 10 minutes.

Mercedes Nasta directed the video for “Petit Prince” herself. The clip is a round-up of footage from a ranch in Hidalgo near her hometown. It’s a slow-go at first, opting for mood-setting synths paired with naturally lit scenery and a lot of horses. But the song doesn’t just rest on its soothing laurels. “Petit Prince” gets more playful and surreal during its second half, which features thumping beats and horn-like sounds, while the images remain serene throughout.