Messiah Proves to Be El Mejor Con Los Spanish Remixes With His “Hotline Bling” Cover

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It’s safe to say Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is joining the list of contenders for most-covered song of 2015, right behind Future’s “Fuck Up Some Commas.” So it’s only fitting that Messiah, the self-proclaimed “mejor con los Spanish Remix[es],” would put his own spin on “Hotline Bling” after flipping “Commas” earlier this year.

Messiah’s version, titled “Mi Celular,” isn’t a direct translation like Fuego’s earlier “Hotline Bling” cover. It’s a song with similar love and lust themes, over the same instrumental and melody. In that sense, it takes on a bit more of a personal twist than the translated version, though with all the same instantly recognizable inflections of the original.

If you’re looking for original Messiah tunes, he dropped the mixtape Ya Era Tiempo, Vol. 2 in June, with features from Don Miguelo and De La Ghetto.