Messiah Flaunts His 1999 Hustle in the Video for His “Hotline Bling” Cover

Messiah continues to push his version of “Hotline Bling” with new visuals for “Mi Celular.” In the video, Messiah gets caught up with a girl and law enforcement while hustling the streets Uptown. It takes place in 1999 before flashing forward to present day.

The self-proclaimed “mejor con los Spanish Remixes” is certainly not afraid to ride the momentum of someone else’s song into the ground, and it seems the consensus in the YouTube comments is that it would be nice to hear some, um, more original material from Messiah. We also couldn’t help but notice that thematically, the video doesn’t really match the lyrics, and that one of Messiah’s homeboys in 1999 somehow had an iPhone 6. Now that’s big pimpin’.

But this is one of the best “Hotline Bling” reworks currently flooding the Spanish and English rap scenes, so we’ll give him a pass on the mismatched video. If Messiah’s Spanish flips are your thing, check out his recent addition to Kapuchino’s “Me Buque,” a reimagining of Young Thug’s “Check.”