Bar de Monjas’ ‘In Fuzz We Trust’ EP Wallows in Distortion and Decibels

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The first thing you’ll notice about the debut full-length by Mexico City’s overdriven mavericks Bar De Monjas is that their sound is huge. Guitars dominate just like Godzilla’s feet flatten skyscrapers, the drums sound like they are miles wide, the hooks are there for the taking. Yet everything is made by two human beings who are in love with their amps.

Formed by Fausto Rivera on guitars and vocals, and Gerardo Arias on drums (who is also a member of drone doom heavies Vinnum Sabbathi), Bar De Monjas is a young outfit that has spent some time playing on the outskirts of the Mexican underground with a previous demo and an EP under their belt. In Fuzz We Trust was produced and mixed by Miguel Fraino of fellow dirt rockers Cardiel, and he does a fantastic job translating the excitement to speaker-friendly waves of mutilation.

True to the album title, In Fuzz We Trust wallows in distortion and decibels, but never to the point of inaccessibility. It’s melodic, heavy and rocking, ideal for anyone wanting a good headbanging session on a Saturday night without dealing with the silly trappings of punk or metal. This is old fashioned rock made with a sonic artillery of considerable heft. There’s the frenetic “Hell Of A…” that will make you want to go nuts, “Tiempo” recalls the times of grunge without sounding dated or tacky, and “Tensión” could even be considered dancey.

Listen to In Fuzz We Trust and keep an eye on this young twosome. Who knows? With time and dedication, they might become the new kings of the stone age.