Miami’s Plastic Pinks Get After It in “Fiel a Mi” Video

It’s been an eventful year for Plastic Pinks. The garage-rock group has been outside their hometown of Miami for much of it, touring up and down the East Coast and then some. And just a few months ago, the dudes finally saw the release of Sunnyside Rabbits, comprised mainly of material recorded a year-and-a-half ago with AJ Dávila, back when he was still living in Puerto Rico (he relocated to LA shortly after).

We totally get why the first video from the Burger Records-issued cassette is built on footage from touring. They’ve been so busy and focused on playing shows that they couldn’t possibly have found time to go with any other concept, right? Not only that, but the song is “Fiel a Mi,” which singer June Summer says is about “going after what you want.”

“Even though everyone is doubting [you],” he says. “And then challenging people to do the same so that they can be happy with themselves in the end.”

The band had been “going through some changes,” Summer adds, and the decisions they made directly influenced their path. “Fiel a Mi,” which features vocals from AJ Dávila, is a strummy pop ballad about figuring your shit out—and creating and touring their tunes is exactly what Plastic Pinks want out of life.

The track is chill, so the slowed-down clips of the band gozando throughout their travels reads less like meaningless partying and more like a grateful celebration of how far they’ve come as a band. There’s a cameo from AJ Dávila in there too, shot around a joint show in New Orleans where Summer says they roamed the streets after drinking too much absinthe. The cameo seems to cement Dávila’s role as a sherpa of sorts for the Plastic Pinks. He recorded and produced Sunnyside Rabbits, and influenced them with the workhorse mentality that fueled his recent post-Dávila 666 comeback.

Watch the clip to live the dream-chasing tour life vicariously—or, better yet, let it light the fire under your culo too.