Miguel Drops New Version of “Banana Clip” in Spanish

Lead Photo: Photo by Timothy Saccenti. Courtesy of Biz 3
Photo by Timothy Saccenti. Courtesy of Biz 3
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Miguel has been letting us know for a minute now that he’s getting in touch with his Mexican side. He’s been singing in Spanish far more frequently — on a new version of “Sky Walker” and on his collab “Caramelo Duro” with Kali Uchis, for example — and he confirmed on The Cruz Show that he’s actually working to release all of his album War & Leisure en español. Today, he shared more of what that project looks like by giving us the Spanish-language version of his song “Banana Clip.”

And it sounds effortless. Miguel has kept the song’s trigger-happy firearm metaphors while reworking enough of the lyrics around so that they don’t feel clunky or awkward, as many literal translations end up.

We know Miguel has been interested in trying his hand at lyrics in Spanish for some time. When he starred in Ben Affleck’s Live by Night, he told Remezcla that “the experience of this film really led me to taking a deeper interest in writing in Spanish.” With such a successful remake of “Banana Clip,” we’re eager to see how the rest of War & Leisure will come across in Spanish. “Banana Clip” translates seamlessly with its mid-tempo bubbliness, but the album’s more experimental tracks, like “Wolf” and “Told You So,” could be more interesting sonic challenges.

Stream the track below.