Miguel Just Released Another Steamy Video, This Time for “…goingtohell”

Miguel is dropping visuals back-to-back this week, following up on “NWA” with the clip for “…goingtohell.” The video, which is the third so far in a connected series first unveiled in the short film Wildheart: Chapter 1, finds Miguel in a game of cat and mouse with his love interest from “Coffee.”

After a steamy hookup behind the curtains, Miguel follows the woman throughout an art gallery with photos depicting her in the throes of passion, before ultimately leading her out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

The build up from the three videos is definitely giving off a Romeo-and-Juliet-meets-Bonnie-and-Clyde vibe. Here’s hoping Chapter 2 kicks the intensity up a notch, with some of the other incredible tracks off Wildheart.