Miguel Proves He’s a Puro Angeleno in the Clip for “NWA”

Miguel’s Wildheart album is as much a love letter to Los Angeles as it is an album about being wildly in love. In that way, it’s fitting that the latest visuals for the standout track “NWA” take place in Echo Park, a longstanding bastion of Latino culture and arts in the City of Angels.

Miguel, who is half Mexican and half black, has really embraced the Spanglish this time around, particularly on the outro where he boldly declares, “Puro Angeleno, besando a mar, y son pocos, no tocas, we’re calm, but we’re crazy.” Based on the fact that Miguel sings in Spanish for the first time on Wildheart, it will be interesting to see if he decides to do a full-length Spanish project in the future.

Picking up where the “Coffee” video left off, Miguel takes to the streets of Echo Park, stopping to greet a neighbor while Kurupt cruises the streets in a pristine classic car. Before too long, Miguel joins Kurupt in the getaway car after seemingly entering a home that doesn’t belong to him. We’ll just have to see how this plays into the rest of the story that Miguel clearly has planned for the rest of the visuals off Wildheart, as teased in the previously released short film Wildheart: Chapter 1.