Milka La Mas Dura Flaunts a Post-Op Look In Chimbala’s “Quiero” Video

Milka La Mas Dura knows exactly what she wants. In the video for Chimbala’s “Quiero,” the Dominican rapper and dembowsera plays hard to get for the video’s motivated star. Don’t worry the dominicano makes his comeback at the end.

Before we get to how Chimbala gets his sweet revenge on the money hungry emcee, “Quiero” happens to be Milka’s first time showing off (for more than a few seconds) her newly shaped body. She’s been open about her plastic surgery and provided fans with updates as she was recovering post-operation. The result speaks for itself. Back to storyline, Chimbala plays a blue-collar worker just trying to get the woman of his dreams. Of course that is all shattered by her flashy big-whip-driving boyfriend. Like I said, the emcee (one of the leading artists in Dembow) gets his revenge at the end of the Freddy Graph-directed clip.