Milo and LWLGHT Make Sparks Fly in the Slow Burning Video for “Sound Of Time”

Perfect matches hardly come by easily. Musically speaking, when Milo and LWLGHT came together to make “Sound Of Time” happen, artistic sparks flew. Perhaps they wanted to commemorate the effect both projects had when first encountering each other by juxtaposing the images of their video with footage of fireworks, smoke, and lights.

LWLGHT have had a strong presence on our radar as of late; you may have heard the Galician duo’s beats in the work of Yung Beef, John Grvy, Duddi Wallace and Ms. Nina, making them an essential part of the burgeoning Spanish trap scene. Miriam Guadalupe Moyá Medina, for her part, has been involved in the arts for most of her life, but started making seductive music professionally as Milo during the summer of 2014. Her track “Queen Of Silence” caught the guys from LWLGHT’s ears and they decided they could work some magic together.

“Sound Of Time” is the first cut from an upcoming six-song collaborative EP titled Atlantis. The track features the pair’s signature approach to beat making with Milo’s unpretentious neo-R&B vocals, resulting in a mixture of trap and trip hop that feels timeless. The video was made by Quino Melguizo, Josechu Garrido, Javiera Huidobro, and Reflejo Media.