Watch This Stunning Live Performance From the Only Tijuana Band That Played Coachella

Tijuana shoegaze trio Mint Field, composed of 20-year-old vocalist/guitarist Estrella Sánchez, bassist/vocalist Andrés Corella, and vocalist/drummer Amor Amezcua, formed just two years ago. It’s quite a feat for any indie band to be invited to play Coachella, but when Mint Field were asked to play this year, it was a big deal: they were the first indie band from their region to play the festival.

That opportunity is allowing them to gain international attention and even get shoutouts from fellow Mexican indie pop singer Carla Morrison. They released their Primeras Salidas EP last year, bringing something new to shoegaze with each track; on the six-song record, they combined elements of garage rock, psychedelic, and pop. They strengthened their twist on the genre by switching vocals between tracks and singing in both English and Spanish. With a couple of festivals under their belt, including All My Friends Festival and Viva Pomona, and a solid EP, they’re already proving themselves as a band to watch out for.

During their time at Coachella, Mint Field recorded a series of videos featuring new songs for Jam In the Van, a solar-powered van that travels around the US, showcasing performances by various artists. We’re premiering the video for one of the songs here, titled “Para Gali.

“Para Gali” boasts hints of garage and psychedelic rock, paired with Estrella’s waifish vocals. By the looks of it, the band’s upcoming debut will help Mint Field bring even more attention to Tijuana’s vibrant indie scene.

Ciudad Satélite will drop on Cranes Records later this year.