Miqui Brightside’s Crisp and Airy Production on ‘Green Heart’ EP Proves He’s Here to Stay

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Until not too long ago, we didn’t have a clue about Miqui Brightside‘s existence, and all it took was listening to his first single “Like Lovers Do” to make us fall in love with his music. That’s why we’re excited to share the madrileño newcomer’s debut EP, Green Heart, which is painfully short but long enough to make us drool for whatever he drops next.

Green Heart was originally supposed to be a present to the young producer’s girlfriend, but luckily for us, he was able to see the music’s full potential and decided to share it with the rest of the world. But it isn’t necessary to know its back story to feel the romance oozing from each track included on the EP. On “Prélude,” the instrumental introductory opening, he samples the last verse of Charles Bukowski’s poem Bluebird, letting us know that he’s ready to pour his feelings and emotions into this set of songs. The music also boasts the bright and sugary influence of producers like those on the Future Classic roster.

“Like Lovers Do” definitely remains the standout track, and it may have a little to do with the spot-on vocal contribution from Belgium-born singer Demmy Sober, who verbalizes the romance while surfing stunning melodic lines. But that wouldn’t be enough without Brightside’s crisp and detailed production, which jumps back and forth between Balearic-style house verses and dazzling and embellished hip-hop choruses.

There’s also room for seduction on Green Heart, as we can hear on “Disappear Here.” The song is darker and sexier, and it starts slow and deep with thumping kicks and heavy bass synth lines. The gradual addition of percussive elements makes the song hit hard. And in front of everything, there’s a female vocalist whose name isn’t stated but sounds like Sober once again. Closing out the EP, “Tivona/Outro” brings the nostalgia, with buried field recordings of people speaking carelessly and washes of white noise that resemble the wind and sea.

Miqui Brightside succeeds on Green Heart, and it serves as a perfect introduction to his world. Even though we don’t know much about it, we are eager to continue exploring it.