Miqui Brightside Takes on Lush Balearic Hip-Hop for “Like Lovers Do (ft. Demmy Sober)”

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Miqui Brightside is an up-and-coming Madrid-based producer (and photographer) who recently popped onto our radar. The moniker he picked isn’t only awesome, but it also describes his music very well. On October 8, he’s dropping his new EP Green Heart, which was originally conceived as a gift for his girlfriend, but he liked it enough to share it with the rest of the people who aren’t romantically involved with him.

The first single off the EP is “Like Lovers Do,” and he signed up Belgian singer Demmy Sober to deliver some exquisitely layered vocals that complement his production work perfectly. It’s a little disorienting how he hints at some Balearic-style house on the verses, but drops into a Future Classic-inspired hip-hop chorus that’s dazzling and flavorful, and it’s exactly what makes the song extra special.