Miss Bolivia and Leo García Give A Lesson In Argentine Slang In “Tomate El Palo” Video

Miss Bolivia (who was actually born and raised in Argentina) was feeling betrayed and heartbroken, needed some support and somebody to talk to, and who did she call? Leo García, of course!

Seems like an odd match at first– she’s known for mixing dancehall with ñu-cumbia and he’s known as Gustavo Cerati’s former protégé; but he’s also a queer indie pop icon and who’s better to hug you and remind you that “there’re plenty other fishes in the sea” than your gay buddy? Miss Bolivia and Leo García are actually on tour together, right now.

Besides being a contagious break-up song, “Tomate el Palo” is a lesson in Argentine slang, starting with the title which has nothing to do with tomatoes or sticks, it actually translates as an impolite “go away.” My personal favorite, “a la gilada ni cabida” is a ghetto catchphrase that could roughly be equivalent to “don’t waste your time on idiots.” So there, you learned something today, you didn’t just waste your day watching videos online.