Paraguayan Singer Mi$$il Invokes Sex Magic in the “Todo Lo Mejor” Video

While brainstorming visuals for her latest wobble-heavy reggaeton collaboration with producers Chico Sonido and Paul Marmota, Mi$$il received a gift: a black choker-waist trainer set from Vally G, a designer at Los Angeles street fashion factory Freak City. Apparently, her network of international admirers is on the rise. “That was the starting point for making the video for ‘Todo lo Mejor,’” she remembers. The accessories were sent from California to Mi$$il’s hometown in Asunción, Paraguay and provided high-key accompaniment for the brash kind of vamp around which the singer and DJ has designed her public persona. With the help of a team that includes video director Daniel Ayala, she teased the mental images they conjured into a video concept.

The team’s finished clip invokes sexual pleasure as a metaphor for greater fulfillment. Mi$$il and her backup babes, Buenos Aires feminist personality María Riot and self-described drag DJ “fashion bitch” Maleza Fever bounce languidly on a bed big enough to fit their fantasies. “No soy zorra, soy atrevida/Me gusta mucho la buena vida,” Mi$$il purrs, arching her back for an epic moment in a bathtub, her curves covered in temporary tattoos and rose petals. “Todo lo Mejor” is a “mantra, a call,” she says. May it help to manifest her perreo dreams.

Those seeking further research into Mi$$il’s talent for parlaying personal magnetism into reggaeton 2.0 glamour should check her last team up with Chico Sonido on “Atracción Fatal.” Shot in Brazil, the beach clip features genderqueer backup dancers, luscious side boob, and lazy-hot choreography.

Watch our premiere of the “Todo lo Mejor” video above.