Mexican Producer Kryone Shares Glossy ‘Sorry Mix’ After Technical Mishaps

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One thing electronic producers who perform live sets have had to learn the hard way is that when machines don’t want to work, there’s really not much you can do. Mexican producer Kryone was recently a victim of this, as he had to suspend his show at the Morelia stop of the Finesse Records tour only minutes after having started, due to technical difficulties. To make it up to the attendees, and all music fans for that matter, he made Sorry Mix By: Kryone, and it’s a delight.

The mix is packed with hip-hop, future R&B, and plenty of Brazilian-infused beats. Among heavy basslines and trap hi-hats, we hear funk carioca, samba, MBP, and bossa sounds, even including his own killer track “Ela Quer.” Songs by Raava, Lehvi, Swindail, and many more complete the almost half-hour mix, and we can’t get enough of it. We saw what he’s capable of during his set at Festival Ceremonia, so between that and this mixtape – apology accepted, Kryone.