MLKMN’s Luminous “Movie” Is an Anthem for Your Day Ones

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MLKMN is known for his positivity, and the latest track from the LA-based artist is another high times litness test, perfectly engineered for weekend cruising moments — or post-award show hijinks, depending on your crew’s hype factor. The producer turned rapper says that “Movie”’s vibes were born chilling with his squad in Vegas after this year’s Latin Grammys. The sunny hip-hop track serves as proof that there’s nothing like a high-gloss industry gathering to make you appreciate blunts with your day ones, regardless of how many categories you’re nominated in.

The single is MLKMN’s first of the year, a preview of the forthcoming EP I Got a Crazy Idea. He’s promised a string of teaser tracks for fans while they wait for the full project to drop, and judging from the warning signs, it’s going to be another sonic uplift from the mind behind 2014’s Milkstape.

Enjoy “Movie” with this fun fact about resilience and flipping the script on adversity; MLKMN’s artist name comes from his shrewd appropriation of his body’s limitations as a little kid. Being lactose intolerant, “I would always drink [milk] as an excuse to not have to go to school,” he once told Billboard.