MLKMN Teams Up With N.E.R.D. for Vine-Like Vignette Video “Leave It Alone”

Sometimes the best videos employ the simplest ideas. In this case, “Leave It Alone” features MLKMN in an apartment drinking some fine liquor before stepping into the world. This scenario repeats itself several times for the duration of the video. 

This clip sees MLKMN running wild from the Bonnie and Clyde-type tale he weaves in the “R.I.P.” video. “Leave It Alone” is a simple idea that works perfectly for the song; it’s also an ideal stage for Milk and his personality. Sure, the Vine-like vignettes that make up the video might follow the same premise, but each time the scenario repeats itself, something changes; you really can’t take your eyes off the vid until it’s over, even if nothing seismic happens in it.

The track itself is pure fire. Boasting a beat by hip-hop legends N.E.R.D, the song features the group’s signature rock guitar and fresh drum loops, enabling MLKMN to do his thing. The clip was directed by Kiks and Milk himself, with photography by Tora.

Like a zen teaching, perhaps it’s not what it’s shown in the video what makes it a compelling watch, but what MLKMN does once he steps outside his apartment.