MLKMN Backs the Breezy Reggae Vibes of “Who Cares” With a Cameo-Filled Video

Two months ago, Monterrey-born, LA-based rapper MLKMN shared “Who Cares,” his latest self-produced single. On this carefree, reggae-inspired track, he delivers positive rhymes about individuality and self-acceptance. It’s an instantly breezy anthem about not giving a fuck and the everyday struggle. The song, along with the single “R.I.P.” featuring Mila J, are both set to be included on his forthcoming album, which will presumably appear by the end of this year.

To help us make the wait more bearable, MLKMN just released the video companion to “Who Cares.” This set of visuals features the rapper performing the song in an abandoned building, surrounded by flags, neon signs, smoke, and old TV sets.

MLKMN visualizes his love for his crew by recruiting friends like Jesse Baez, Adrian Be, and more for a cameo-packed three minutes. They stand by him as he does his thing, waving their flags, and bouncing with him. Squad.