Chile’s Trap Universe Gets Bolder With Slim J and Mlshbts’ “FWM”

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Though 22-year-old Santiago rapper Slim J (aka Joacore, aka Joaquín Letelier) is spitting lines of inner conflict, his new track “FWM” is self-assured. Its lyrics recount the inner narrative of an artist reckoning with how far he’s come and the length of the road that lies in from of him. The song is the latest release from NWLA, who have been with it when it comes to scouting out the latest from young artists in Chile’s trap universe.

The title stands for “fightin’ with myself” (as Remy Ma and JoJo will tell you, everything is better in an acronym right now). “FWM” was mixed and mastered by Tytokush, a constant collaborator who also worked with Slim J on this year’s 12AM The Mixtape and will be featured on Slim’s next mixtape, along with Argentina’s Trapdrillers crew.

Last week, we premiered another track from Mlshbts called “BMLQ.” It’s a similarly shortened offering whose creeping beat the 21-year-old produced for rapper JM. Fans will be happy to know that the producer has two EPs in the works, one that focuses on his talents for beats and another with CNXN (a.k.a. The Connection), the hip-hop group he forms with emcees Zerk and Shkng.

Look to these artists to keep it moving as they continue to rep for Santiago’s prolific scene.