Mock the Zuma has quietly held it down as one of NAAFI’s premier members, producing tracks for their mixes and performing as part of the collective’s touring ensemble. Now, the producer (born Kevin Santana) is finally stepping into the spotlight with the release of his first EP, Gauss.

The 7-track record is a collection of dark, skittering post-dubstep tracks that sound influenced by everything from tropical rhythms (“Mist Walk”) to 80s video game soundtracks (“Saqueo”). “Bandai” is a standout, with a slow, soulful build aided by distorted samples, leading to a clap-ready drop around the 30-second mark. The predominantly instrumental tape has one feature, with Zonora Point MC Jamez Manuel delivering some fiery bars on “Octanaje.” Zuma also includes an instrumental-only version at the close of the set.

The Juárez native definitely makes a bold statement with his first official release. Gauss is a haunting, ethereal experience that clamors for multiple listens.

Photo by Daniel Ceballos