Mock the Zuma’s Video for “Octanaje” Is a Creepy Psychological Thriller

Lead Photo: Photo by Daniel Ceballos

We’re still catching our breath after the recent release of Mock The Zuma‘s Gauss EP, via Mexican imprint NAAFI. “Octanaje,” a collaboration with Chilean MC Jamez Manuel, is a standout moment on the 7-track release, not only because it’s the only track featuring vocals, but also because of its eerie and dense hip-hop veneer. Mock the Zuma had previously remixed Manuel’s “Brígido,” and this time around, they wanted to explore more experimental beats. “Jamez helped create a large part of the beat with his ideas. We were constantly sending each other demos and vocals to incorporate them [into the track].”

The video for “Octanaje” is almost an abstract psychological thriller, and director Federico Schott captured the song’s overall darkness to a T. Shot in Xochitlán de las Flores, Hidalgo, this unsettling clip blends images fire and smoke, cemeteries, nature, and a brutal and fatal beating, followed by the disposal of a body. When asked about the inspiration for the video, Schott explained that it comes from the concept of terror. “The line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is being erased, and traditional roles are being questioned at the same time. El Chapo, Sean Penn, and Kate del Castillo, the 28,000 desaparecidos, the Enrique Peña Nieto administration, the DEA, Obama, Trump, and of course, ISIS – these roles are all changing.”

That’s some creepy and effective inspiration, and Mock The Zuma is happy with the result. “The richness of images and places is very cool. It’s very well-suited because it fits the song’s experimental message.” The Mexican producer is keeping himself busy right now, working on new mixes, the soundtrack for a video game, and an upcoming LP on Lowers.