Mondragón Drops Ambitious, 14-Minute Track “Presentimiento Complejo”

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Edgar Mondragón’s music, a dream/ambient take on beats, places him roughly in the same neighborhood as Trillones, with his own signature style. To prove he means business, he’s dropped a 14-minute, 38 seconds track; that’s nothing to sneeze at, especially since there’s not a wasted second of digital production in it.

“Presentimiento Complejo” is based on the work of suprematist painter Kazimir Malévick, but it could also have been inspired by a film, given the bright-eyed, narrative nature of the track. “Presentimiento” starts with some gentle synth strokes before they get washed away into a gentle and sweeping stream. There are distinctive sections to the piece, and each one builds warmly. The track features some processed field recordings, including animal (or animal-like sounds) that give the second section a jungle-y feel, and spoken processed voices can be found throughout. It’s like the song could easily pass for an EP and an abstract short story at the same time.

Mondragón is one of the brightest lights in the Mexican electronic vanguard; not only because his music is quite ambitious without sounding overblown, but also because he pushes the envelope for his peers,helping them do better and brighter stuff in the process.