The Glitchy Makeout Session in Mondragón’s New Video Will Put You in a Deep Trance

Edgar Mondragón is slowly becoming one of the most forward-thinking electronic music producers in Mexico nowadays, not only because of his atmospheric and moody soundscapes, but also because of the visual presentation of his work.

The latest Mondragón track to receive the video treatment is “Repite El Nombre Cien Veces,” a cut from his most recent Glas EP, released on the long-running Abolipop label. This EP marks the end of Mondragón Mark I, which consisted solely of Edgar and his machines. Mondragón has now expanded into a full band for live shows, and the whole crew is preparing to record an album together. First, we have the visuals for “Repite El Nombre Cien Veces,” and it’s a powerful, vivid dream of sound and vision.

The track demonstrates perfectly how Edgar works within the tradition of techno, then rejects it a second later in favor of a different sound. “Repite El Nombre” features mechanical instrumentation that propels the song into motion and even ends with a hard four-on-the-floor beat. Yet on top, soothing synths drift organically in and out of the track. The results leave a lasting impression on the listener and align the project with like-minded Mexican acts like Trillones or Niño Árbol and the Ssensorial crew. Yet Mondragón doesn’t mine the same territories as these acts; their common ground lies in spirit.

As with some of his other visually stunning works, “Repite El Nombre” features warped digital treatments, most notably a single loop of a couple kissing. Directed by ESSTR09, the video’s glitchy sequence creates a sense of vaporwave and RAM-damaged nostalgia, matching the lo-fi 80s synths featured in the song. The clip teaches us that a kiss can melt colors and blur lines. That’s the power of love.