Mondragón Experiments With Color and Geometry in the “Presentimiento Complejo” Video

Not too long ago, Mexican producer Mondragón surprised us with almost 15 minutes of pure experimental bliss in the form of a track called “Presentimiento Complejo.” Here at Remezcla, we highlighted the song’s cinematic narrative and distinctive sections, each of which brings to mind different images. That’s one of the reasons why we’re pleased that the song now has a video companion, which runs like an abstract short film.

Visual artist Salvador Tovar helmed the video, along with a team of six others based in Mexico City and Berlin. They bounced material back and forth, creating some sort of visually exquisite corpse. The song was crafted based on the works of Russian painter Kazmir Malévich, and some of that influence also bleeds into the video, where geometric shapes and mannequin-like figures resemble his works. But the video is mostly an open exercise, and footage of a different nature is inserted to match the mood of each part of the song. We see images of tinted liquids, jellyfish, natural landscapes, old black-and-white movies, and more. It’s quite a trippy ride.