Mondragón’s “Interlude” EP Seduces WIth A Dreamlike House/Rock Blend

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Interludethe latest via Suplex Records from Mexico City’s Mondragón, bears a level of craftsmanship and musicality that is beyond the average tech house release. Dabbling with equal skill in ambient house and dreamy rock soundscapes, the tracks are even mixed in a manner where instruments and vocals feel like they’re easing past your speakers and luring you in by the ears for deeper listening.

“Castricum” is soulful “moombahdeep,” whereas “Ciudad en el cielo” features an ominous sweeping cumbia bassline cast against a noodling mid-range chord and ambient space. The real winner here, though? Male producer/singer Forecast in Rome‘s vocals on “Austral” reaching a bizarre Sade-like space that is truly magical. Premium late night grooves as comfortable on the dancefloor as they are in the bedroom, this free-to-download EP is a winner.