Monte Rock Out to a Liquid Light Show in the Video for “El Descenso de los Voladores”

Costa Rican trio Monte present one of the most colorful clips of the season. The band has always been careful about their art direction – the band is composed of three designers/illustrators, after all – but this video really excels in its simple visual appeal.

From their atmospheric and turbulent EP El Otro Mundo they present “El Descenso de los Voladores,” a clip that features a liquid light show from Costa Rican performer Max Ortuño (aka Luz Mala), who has actually done live visuals for the band at concerts.

With the backlighting, the band members appear as silhouettes playing the song and in some parts they’re just fooling around with the shadows. The result is a clip where 60s light shows and psychedelia are properly honored, considering the fact that no post-production was used to create any of the effects or image juxtapositions shown.

The clip was produced with help from Kevin León (aka Super Legitimo) and their longtime collaborators Adriana Ramírez and Pietro Valenciano.