Montenegro Rush Toward a New Era of Mellow Noise Rock With “FPR”

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Listening to the evolution of a band in a single song is pretty uncommon. But on “FPR,” Montenegro prove they’ve got the experience to try something new. The track blossoms like a flower of feedback in the middle of spring.

Montenegro didn’t exactly explode out of the scene when they debuted with their eponymous EP last year. However, it was one of the most distinctive recordings to come out of the Mexican music landscape in 2014 – compressed, noisy, and claustrophobic, but inviting.

Now the drumless quartet are back for more, ready to unleash another EP for music fans craving weird guitar sounds and melodies where you least expect them. “FPR” proves that time hasn’t passed in vain for the three-guitar group, since they’ve evolved quite a bit from one EP to another. They still keep their guitars tangled together in a series of melodies and textures, but now there seems to be a little more breathing room for each instrument, thanks in no small part to Hugo Quezada’s production, as he has become an MVP behind the boards this year. The track even features some mellotron work by Amón Melgórica of Nos Llamamos fame. There’s also more melody to what they do, and it fits right in.

The song is more mellow than anything on their last EP, and it’s a welcome addition to their repertoire. At one point, real drums appear for the first time in a Montenegro song (or at least they sound like real drums), rushing slowly toward a new era with a bang of guitar noise.

Doble Cara will drop soon, featuring contributions from Uili Damage of Los Esquizitos on another track. It promises to be another standout release.