MOÜGLI Celebrate Love With a New Version of ‘Tú Me Llevas’ Featuring Luis Felipe Rojas & Pilar Cabrera

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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We’re living during difficult times where human companionship is scarce. The global lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made it difficult for people to get together for social interaction. For many people around the world, love may be something to experience from a distance at the moment. When taking a walk with that special person in your life becomes something very difficult, perhaps the power of music can help experience a similar feeling.

MOÜGLI, the Colombian duo conformed by Samuel Lizarralde and Juan Pablo Delgado, try to approximate this vibe with their new version of “Tú Me Llevas.” Originally released in 2019, the song deals with the expression of love and the emotion that can make a person feel like traveling to other dimensions. They are now sharing a new version of the song recorded in self-isolation with the assistance of Luis Felipe Rojas of pop rock quintet Lika Nova and singer Pilar Cabrera. Both vocalists add an extra layer of passion and soul to the already-emotional indie rock song, giving it hints of R&B and vallenato. To drive the point further home, the new version of “Tú Me Llevas” comes with a video of the artists performing at their respective homes.

The sentiment that carries “Tú Me Llevas” is especially powerful at the moment when getting close to our loved ones can be difficult, and can make you feel less alone.