Enter the Kaleidoscopic World of Venezuelan Artist MPeach With the “Ritmo Loco” Video

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Venezuelan dance pop artist MPeach just released her debut album Malania last week, through her record label and artist collective Dutty Artz. And in true pop star fashion (think Beyoncé), she has shared a series of videos to accompany each of her singles.

We debuted her first single “Primetime (Sana Sana)” on Apple Music. Now we’re excited to debut the first of her music videos, entitled “Ritmo Loco,” on our Apple Music Connect page.

Her latest visuals document a trip to Venezuela, where she rides on motorcycles with her crew through a colorful city backdrop of dope graffiti and impromptu bonfires, all spiraled through a kaleidoscopic camera lens. Get the exclusive first look at the video below or on your iTunes app:

If you’re in Brooklyn, be sure to hit up her official album release party on October 2 at Cameo Gallery, featuring special guests DJs and a live performance from the artist herself.