Ms Nina’s “Acelera” Video is a Scandalous Coke-Fueled Pregame

Ms Nina‘s visual catalog shows she’s more than capable of producing music videos worthy of party worship. The Argentine reggaetonera previously known for Tumblr-dominating collage work came through with force on the aesthetics for her debut single “Chupa Chupa,” featuring lo-fi street takeover optics. We even named it one of our favorite music videos of 2016.

It’s clear that in 2017, she’s not going to stop the flow. “Acelera” is part of a New Year’s one-two punch that started last week with the release of “Tu Sicaria,” a low-key ramen moment with a hitwoman’s lyrical arc. “Acelera” was shot in the Spanish capital, and summons the gatas madrileñas for a sweetly scandalous cocaine sleepover milieu. Actress Nayara Carmona cast her favorite Madrid club kids for this, her directorial debut (check for your new crush’s Instagram handle in the YouTube description). It echoes the rosy shades of “Tu Sicaria” – Ms Nina’s in her pink period, and it looks good on her.

This isn’t the first video to highlight lines on curves, as it were. But the crew’s vice of choice does echo the track’s mildly manic beat, not to mention an engine-revving hook by La Favi, the Bay Area singer Nina paired with on “No Eres Bueno.” Rumor has it that the two have yet another collaboration with Tomasa Del Real and Deltatron in the works. The reggaeton 2.0 bad girl’s club is taking shape in 2017, and we’re here for it.