Ms. Nina Professes Her One True Love for Pizza and Butt Biting on “Salami”

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Taking inspiration from Da Baddest Bitch Trina, Ms. Nina is having fun and leaving no room for repentance. Instead of a morning mass after a night out or a “walk of no shame,” she prefers her true counterpart and hangover medicine – pizza…de salami. Ms. Nina doesn’t ask for what she wants; she takes it. Whether it’s telling her boy to say nice things to her and drive her to his house, or demanding that he bite her ass, she takes what she desires, and shows that through her anthem dedicated to all the ladies like her.

“Salami” is a fast-paced, genre-bending mix of reggaeton, electro, and even a bit of classic bounce. Spanish producer duo LOWLIGHT created a short, 1:45-minute beat that forces Ms. Nina to use every second wisely. She delivers, spitting every bar with force and energy, keeping the listener captivated and craving more. As she continues to perfect her craft and bring her identity into her music, Ms. Nina is on her way to becoming a force in the industry.