Mueran Humanos Celebrate Pure Post-Punk Chaos on the Aggressive “Mi Auto”

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Expectations were already high after the first preview of the new Mueran Humanos record Miseress. With “Mi Auto,” those expectations have only skyrocketed.

The nihilistic synth-wielding duo start the second song from their new album innocently enough, with expected analog synths, a strong beat, and minimalist lyrics. It even verges on the playful. Then, just when the feeling is warm and perhaps inviting enough to dance to, a massive bass riff comes out of nowhere like a ton of bricks and the track truly comes alive, with voices raging and electronics buzzing around the bass’s massive aggression. As with “Miseress,” Mueran Humanos prove they have far more to offer than your average electronic post-punk band.

As we previously reported, Miseress will come out on November 27 through ATP Recordings, the label arm of cult festival series All Tomorrow’s Parties.