Mueran Humanos Will Send Chills Down Your Spine With Haunting Single “Miseress”

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For all of us who have a little darkness in our hearts and souls, Mueran Humanos is a must. The Berlin-based Argentine duo has been terrorizing audiences around the world for some time now, ever since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2011. Now they have some huge news to share with the world: they’re releasing their sophomore album, Miseress, after signing with ATP Recordings. Yes, ATP, as in All Tomorrow’s Parties.

The first preview we have from the album is the title track, and it’s as dense as we’d have expected from the duo, but it also shows an unexpected sweet and beautiful side of them. Carmen Burguess takes on the lead vocals, which she delivers half singing, half reciting. “Bajo esta blanca luz/Creo todavía estar/Bajo esta pálida luz/Ojos se clavaron en mí,” she sings in the chorus, sending instant chills down our spines. Her vocals are backed by the duo’s signature drum machines and icy synths, completing a track that grabs from cold wave, industrial, and post-punk.

Miseress is out November 27, and features guitar contributions by Einstürzende Neubauten’s Jochen Arbeit. They’re also part of this year’s ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas festival in North Wales.