Mula Flip Sacred Flutes Into An Electro-Dembow Banger on “No Hay Manera”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Mula
Courtesy of Mula
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If there’s one thing to know about Dominican trio MULA, it’s that you can’t place them in a box. “Retumba” and “Playa,” two of their most recent singles, have earned the musicians the “dark dembow” descriptor. But thanks to their latest release “No Hay Manera,” MULA are challenging that sound yet again.

The track begins with a single flute and a steady drum pattern, almost suggesting that you’re listening in on something sacred. It doesn’t take long until the group’s signature synths and drums kick in, courtesy of producer Rachel Rojas. It’s like stepping into a drum-filled dream, filled with breathy vocals from singers Anabel and Cristabel Acevedo. It’s only been a little over a year since the group made a splash in the Dominican Republic’s music scene, but with steady and strong releases, MULA is in for the long haul.