Munchi Returns to Bring You a Moombahton Ode to Missy Elliott and Dembow

Moombathon fans, rejoice: Dutch-Dominican legend Munchi is back from a two-year hiatus. Through Selegna Records, he has returned to introduce us to Godwonder, a dembow-meets-moombahton newcomer debuting his AIH AIH EH EH! EP later this month. One of the singles from the upcoming release, “La Baina Ta Bien,” may hearken the return of the Munchi sound, crystallized in moombahton anthems like “Sandungueo,” “Pun Ain’t Dead,” and more.

“La Baina Ta Bien” boasts manic Dutch house alarms and an organic trumpet. As expected, a thick, chopping, and booming dembow break sampling Missy Elliott’s 2001 hit “Get Ur Freak On” anchors the production. The accompanying video showcases Munchi, Godwonder, and the rest of the Dominican expat crew frolicking across Amsterdam as if the memory of moombahton hasn’t faded one bit.

In typical Munchi fashion, he’s humorously ultra-frank in describing the mood and motivation behind the shoot, too. “This was made at last years ADE [Amsterdam Dance Event], where we were crashing the parties and trolling the lyfe over there with a bunch of Dominicans for no reason at all. It was made with a fucked up camera too, but who cares – It was fun!”

AIH AIH EH EH! EP drops January 20.