N-Fasis Gets Dirty And Dembow-y On “Yompialo”

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Dominican rapper N-Fasis also calls himself “El Hombre de las Mil Virtudes.” Apparently, being raunchier than a marathon of Farrelly brother films is one of them because his latest single gets nasty and funny.

Yompialo” is the tale of a young Dominicana who dreamt of riches and wanted off the island. She meets a foreigner who will gladly help her out but, of course, there’s a catch. In this case, she has to yompiarlo, which is a wonderful Dominican double entendre.

To yompiar is to jumpstart a car (“jump” prounounced as “yomp”). However, cars aren’t the only things that can be jumpstarted. Buttholes can also be jumpstarted.

With fingers.

Now if y’all can excuse me, I need to go to church.