MC Bin Laden and NAAFI’s Long-Awaited Collab “Tototo” Is a Raucous Baile Funk Ride

Lead Photo: Courtesy of NAAFI
Courtesy of NAAFI
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Even the cursory fan of Mexican club collective NAAFI knows that the crew has a penchant for reimagining funk carioca. That affinity for the Brazilian rhythm culminates in “Tototo,” a long-awaited collaboration with funk titan MC Bin Laden. Here, producers Lao and Imaabs link with guest Paul Marmota for a raucous baile funk ride, allowing Bin Laden’s proclivity for phonetics to burst out of your speakers. His rapid-fire delivery pairs well with the frenetic groundwork set forth by the Mexican and Chilean producers.

The track opens up as you might expect, with dark crashes and riffs layered over bouncy drum hits. Bin Laden’s rowdy vocals lurch into the track around the 0:10 mark, inspiring any warm-bodied listener to try their hand at Portuguese. Later, the production takes an ominous turn, with a controlled explosion of eerie synth stabs.

MC Bin Laden has created a lane for himself by sticking to his guns and staying true to the quirky, party-ready style that has garnered the attention of both baile funk fans and club kids the world over. His flair for theatrics and focus on sound over lyricism has captured the attention of club producers and gifted him with the promise of a career outside of Brazil. Together, MC Bin Laden and NAAFI exemplify an era of music’s eroding borders, where underground street sounds easily filter into global club culture. The track is a rare example of the way this interconnectedness can cultivate a dialogue between underground artists creating source material and those remaking it in their own image.

Ultimately, “Tototo” is a hedonistic ride for fans of both to enjoy when pleasure holds precedence over sleep and responsibility.