NAAFI’s Paul Marmota Swallows the City Whole on “Aire”

Lead Photo: Photo: Cuauhtémoc Suárez
Photo: Cuauhtémoc Suárez
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Chilean producer and NAAFI heavy-hitter Paul Marmota recently released “Aire,” the first track off a three-song single dropping February 12. The song is inspired by Mexico City’s winter nights, where the air is filled with “sirens and metallic sounds,” as Marmota described via email to The FADER. The track’s jagged industrial percussion, coupled with glitchy synths and fractured alarms, result in an almost paranoid listening experience, like you’re being chased. On “Aire,” Marmota successfully conjures images of breathless late-night runs through a neon-lit city bustling with people. “Aire” has two companion pieces, the previously released “Cora” and new track “Registro,” which will round out his statement on urban claustrophobia. Take a listen and let the city swallow you whole.