NAAFI Reinvents Tribal on Triple-Disc Album Available for Free Download

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DF’s experiemental club collective NAAFI have teamed up with Mexico’s Centro de Cultura Digital to create a CD/digital collector’s dream, releasing the triple-disc TRIBAL compilation now also available for free download. The collaboration showcases mutations and reinventions of the tribal genre and its many manifestations, all unified by an urban-leaning, somewhat apocalyptic perspective. The project calls on some of the names at the forefront of online filesharing turf since the beginning of the movement–Javier Estrada of Monterrey presenting the Prehispánico disc, DF’s Alan Rosales with Guarachero, and Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca’s DJ Tetris with Costeño.

The fully-stacked triple edition is now available for free download via NAAFI, packed with original tracks, co-productions, remixes, edits, and reinventions of well-known regional songs, with contributions from Dusty, DJ Otto, Clap Freckles, Los Consteños del Pacífico, Los Karkiks, and more.