Enter the Warped Trap World of Chile’s Nación Triizy With Their Debut Mixtape Single

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In our recent homage to the South American trap evolution, we touched on the work of Marlon Breeze, an emcee from Santiago de Chile who represents for his collective Nación Triizy. The crew’s latest single “HQPAEW” (off its 34-minute, eight-track mixtape Coco & Llanto) is here, a reminder that “hay que pegarle” when it comes to Southern Hemisphere flow.

The still-unreleased Coco & Llanto from Nación Triizy members Breeze, C.A.S.O., Paul Vaera, and Ricky Motora promises productions from NY’s Tonzilla 3000, Tyto Kush, Bigtrucone, and collaborations with fellow Chilean Tomasa del Real, among others.

The group’s output touches on the trap themes we’ve become accustomed to from the Gucci-Jeezy set: hustle, betrayal, hustle, and hustle (One of the group’s logos is a send-up of the NBA logo, with a crucified Jesus double fisting automatic weapons in place of MJ).

It’s no surprise that Chilean Spanish is well-suited to trap; the seemingly consonant-less dialect is easily the most relaxed in South America, perfect for the genre’s screwed down flows.

If you’re looking to find out more about Triizy’s musical peers, the six-minute track holds a primer — the last few minutes include crew members shouting out collaborators from Brazil to Mexico. And those looking to dig even deeper into the vibe are advised to check out the group’s streetwear line, the perfect place to score the colorful, customized, bootleg label-heavy looks the rappers sport in their music videos, such as Breeze’s ode to the double-faced “Geminis.”