Nadastrom Expand Their Horizons with Deep House-Meets-Cumbia Rework of IDYLL’s “Bad Boi”

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On their remix of indie pop duo IDYLL’s heartbroken trap ballad “Bad Boi,” Nadastrom sail past moombahton and into the waters of deep house and technocumbia. As of late, Dave Nada (the Ecuadorian-American creator of moombahton) and his partner in crime Matt Nordstrom have dived into a plethora of inventive takes on house that move much quicker than 108 BPM. This may be the best of the lot. The cumbia-aided bassline bounces with impressive flair. In applying the lessons that Nada and Nordstrom have learned from working within the genres of club music, house, dub, dembow, cumbia and more, their very diverse inspirations distill nicely on this production. Download this for free here.