Naked Geometry Welcomes Cool Evenings and Falling Leaves With a Future Bass Mix

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Summer is almost over. The days of beaches, sun, late afternoons spent barbecuing with friends are winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the party is over. Mexico’s own Naked Geometry knows this. In fact, the producer’s sound is better suited for cool evenings and falling leaves, so he rose to the occasion to deliver a mix for us to welcome a new season.

Hot off the release of his EPs The Missing 43 and Encoded Memories, the man also known as Romeo has given us a mix (through NWLA) for the months to come. It will fit perfectly into a Saturday night session of dancing and seduction. Most of the selections mirror Naked Geometry’s style: future bass custom made for dreaming with your eyes open and falling in love. True to his affiliation with Finesse Records, the mix is full of reverb-drenched vocals, swelling synths, and contemporary beats. Naked Geometry doesn’t just select from his peers and artists with a similar sound, however. He delivers ace after ace to make for an irresistible mix.

The trick is that he mixes and matches other producers who have a similar approach without always relying on futuristic beats. The first track, “Serrana Love” by Mercy, recalls 2-step garage in its stuttering rhythms. It’s followed by a house beat before giving us an example of contemporary UK bass. The mix starts smooth but keeps building until the beats get more aggressive and the bass takes a more commanding role, closing out with some trap and hip-hop selections. It’s a great showcase of his various influences – always a welcome experience for fans.