Naked Geometry Unveils “Fancy,” a Glossy Reminder to Stay Drama-Free

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Naked Geometry
Courtesy of Naked Geometry
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Naked Geometry’s latest track “Fancy,” premiering on Remezcla via NWLA, finds the Mexican producer doing what he does best: inspiring a generation to slow down and enjoy soft sheets, ethereal beats, and the heat of passion.

His affiliation with the artists and tastemakers of Mexico’s beat scene, namely NWLA and Finesse Records, have proven fruitful. With his 2015 EP Encoded Memories behind him, the young beatmaker already has a string of reverb-washed bedroom tracks in the archives.

Now Naked is working on his next project, an upcoming EP titled Cage of Spheres. Over email, he tells Remezcla about the inspiration behind the project. “The concept comes from the feeling of opening a dusty chest, represented by Naked’s mind,” he explains. He envisions the contents of the chest as a series of spheres, an allusion to each of the EP’s tracks.  “Each ‘sphere’ [track] has a different purpose and a distinct style,” he offers.

“Fancy,” with its faint vocals and a sample straight out of an Eisenhower-era commercial, is amorphous enough to inspire intimate pillow talk – or deep, introspective nights alone with weed and self-care routines. It sidesteps future bass tropes now popular in the genre, with more of an emphasis on establishing a hazy ambiance and varied sampling. “Fancy” is a testament to Naked Geometry’s grasp of the genre and its appeal.

In a world that asks us to stay connected, hyperactive, and combative, Naked Geometry reminds us that staying drama-free, even if just for a sliver of time, is nothing short of a miracle.