Naked Geometry Releases EP to Honor the Missing 43 Students from Ayotzinapa

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It hasn‘t been too long since Romeo C Alab, a.k.a. Naked Geometry, began sharing his particular breed of tracks with us. All the way from Ciudad Satélite in Mexico, we’ve listened closely to his mix of R&B samples, break beats, and hard-to-trace samples that create an electronic strain of tracks not often found within the Mexican music scene.

This time Naked Geometry will present a full EP honoring the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, which will be released through NWLA with remixes from Paperworks, Cash Ride, Ninasonik, and Me & Myself. The Missing 43 EP includes two tracks, “Baby It‘s a Wild World“ and “Flirting,” both available for streaming here. The latter takes you through a smooth, chill mood, whereas the former brings you to an eerie, unsettling place.

I applaud this way of generating awareness of what is currently happening in Mexico. I’m hoping, at the same time, that more musicians and artists start doing the same thing in their own way.