Namuel Finds Himself in Heartbreak City in the “Corazón Pixelado” Video

Much has happened since the summer release of Namuel‘s excellent Folclórico EP. Critical acclaim, several shows, and a mini European tour later, the burgeoning Chilean pop brat’s profile continues to grow. To keep the momentum going, Namuel has released the video for “Corazón Pixelado,” his newest single, where we find him in the throes of a cyber breakup, cruising the streets of Prague.

Ever cinematic, and with a high sense of drama, we find Namuel running all over the Czech capital, slouching and pouting in front of every ornate doorway and staircase he can find. His eye for aesthetics is undeniable; one of the video’s most memorable moments finds him singing atop a swan-shaped barge, looking particularly distraught on the river Vltava. The video, like Namuel’s general musical sensibility, offers a healthy balance of emotional frailty and camp. The song is strong and genuinely heartfelt, considering how melodramatic it is to grieve an online relationship, especially in a post-Catfish world. But don’t be too worried for Namuel’s perfectly groomed heart; he’s a clever kid, and he’ll be logging back on soon enough.